Sunday, August 03, 2008

60 pounds later . . .

Yep - as of this morning, I have lost a grand total of 60 pounds. It's quite an impressive sounding number really. But I've only lost it physically.

Let me explain - my mental image of myself is having some difficulty catching up with my physical image. SO many times over the last few weeks, I have bought some gorgeous item of clothing and told myself "It won't fit yet, I'll put it away until it does" (I want to lose another 20 pounds). And EVERY time - it fits. It's like I subconsciously don't believe that I could be that small. It's quite a nice thing though - I'm not really complaining, and I'm certainly not one of those formally "big" people who carry on wearing tents. I'm enjoying seeing and showing off my new figure and I'm turning into a bit of a tart really :)

And that's my other (small) issue. Is it wrong that I am enjoying flirting so shamelessly with all these men who formally wouldn't have looked at me twice? Because I really am . . .

PS. The wedding was fab, my beautiful Maid of Honour dress fitted, the cake I made was lovely and only gave me about an hour's stressy moment when it wasn't setting properly, and my bridesmaid present was a Nintendo Wii. How cool is that! And I have since invested in a Wii Fit (bloody hell, those things are hard to get hold of) and am enjoying bouncing around my living room as a result!

Monday, June 16, 2008

I have a view!

First day at my new desk today, after they relocated my entire team over the weekend to a different floor. It's so nice - for the first time in my seven years with the company, I have a window seat, that is not overlooked by anyone. No-one to peer at my screen to make sure I am doing what I should be doing . . . and I am not sitting next to my boss! From my desk I can see St Pancras International, the British Library and the Emirates Stadium.

I tried to buy a George. I saw two peace-lilies yesterday in my local flower shop, went to get some money out and went back to find that some selfish person had bought both of them!

So today at lunchtime I marched up to Marks & Spencer in Camden, only to find that they do not have them either. Instead, I bought a sweet calla lily in a white pot.

However, it doesn't look like a George - far too feminine, so I have named her Clarissa. And here she is against the frankly flattering blue backdrop of my desk.

And here she is enjoying the view from the other corner of my desk . . .

I'm not completely insane, I promise . . . .

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Slap me on the bum and call me a naughty girl

Well, what have I been up to over the last four months? Certainly not writing on here!

Lucy's wedding is now in four weeks - I am Maid of Honour, and have been rather busy helping out. Including:

  • Making tiara, and bridal jewellery
  • Making the wedding cake
  • Helping to organise the hen weekend (which is next week - aaaargh!)
  • Typing out 18 pages of Order of Service this morning - these Catholic services are huuuuuge!
  • Losing 3 stone since January to get into my bridesmaid dress. Yay - it fits!
  • Doing a reading in the church
  • . . . and all the other stuff - trying to help finding cars, going to dress fittings (aw, she looked so pretty!), helping to write out invitations and on the hunt for dresses for the little bridesmaids!

Yep - 3 stone lost. If any of you are trying to lose weight, I can heartily recommend a website - It is fantastic and yes - I have lost a wopping 42 pounds since January. Clothes shopping is overwhelming now, and I have a mental list of all the pretty boys that will be at the wedding . . .

I have just been promoted at work as well which I am quite happy about (well, extra dosh is always good) and even better than that, they are moving us this weekend to a different floor. That means I no longer have to sit next to my hoarder of a boss who has a desk you can't see under the crap he keeps on there, and for the first time in 7 years with the company, I have a window seat!

My flatmate is still bringing back men to sleep in her bed, but categorically "not to sleep with". One turned round and said that he fancied her, upon which she got all upset and stopped talking to him. I wonder what she expects . . .

I am off out now to go and buy a peace lily to put in my new window at work. He will be called George. If you are good, I will post a picture of George in his new home tomorrow . . .

Friday, February 08, 2008

Yoga is a mind altering drug

Well, hello! Haven't I been bad, not updating in so long?

So what have I been doing since coming across the faintly pleasurable site of young men draped across my furniture? Not much really - had a quiet Christmas, and January was shite. No particular reason why - January is always shite.

One thing I have been doing, and I HASTEN to add is absolutely NOTHING to do with the New Year, is lose weight. I have actually been doing this quietly since about November, and have so far lost 17 pounds. Even though I lost my way temporarily over Christmas, but hey, don't we all. Cheeseboards are just soooo good. Not to mention the out-of-this-world Dulce De Leche & White Chocolate Cheesecake that I made . . .

Anyway, various reasons for this healthy lifestyle choice - obviously I am fed up of being an unspecified number of stone over what I want to weigh (nine and a half stone), because of the sport that I do and will be competing in this year, and because Lucy is getting married in July, I will get a fabulous dress to wear and I want to look Gorgeous Darling!!!

Apart from the staggeringly healthy diet I am following and the sport in which I am coached / practice 3 times a week, I am trying various other options.

Aqua Aerobics has been fun - nothing like an excuse to splash around for an hour like a baby porpoise. Lucy and I also go on an hour long walk every so often - doesn't feel like exercise at all, as we just gossip like the true girls that we are.

This evening, I went to a yoga class. I have done some Ashtanga yoga before, which was enjoyable apart from the teacher was a living breathing Barbie doll which annoyed me. This was Iyengar yoga - composed of holding various poses for varying amounts of time, whilst concentrating on breathing and lengthening muscles.

I'm telling you, they should offer this to all the billions of celebrities that end up in rehab, as an alternative to drugs. The lesson was enjoyable, it was gentle poses today and apart from the fact that for a lot of the time, I was arse over tit, it didn't feel strenuous and there wasn't too much discomfort. But now - I feel completely spaced out! I really have not felt this relaxed in ages - it is comparable to those times in my younger years, when I . . . ahem . . . partook of the evil weed. Without the stupid giggliness. And the munchies.

My arms are actually struggling to type now, so . . . good night!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Getting used to new flatmate, part 2

Strange men in lounge are now conscious again.

One walked into the kitchen, while I was taking my fresh bread out of the breadmaker (domestic, moi?!) and I recognised him as one of Sam's friends.

Then his older brother walked in.

The man is a God. I was almost speechless.

And there I am, wearing running pants that are falling to bits, and a black jumper with more bobbles on it than a bobbly thing. Such a good look . . .

The good thing is, he is the brother of one of Sam's best friends. Now, how can I get him to come back?!

PS. A half naked man has just walked across the hallway as I sit here typing. I guess not all the guests have gone just yet . . . .

Getting used to new flatmate, part 1

I have just woken up, to find men in various stages of unconsciousness draped across the sofas in the sitting room.

I have bought my breakfast back to bed. It is 07:45, and I really don't think they will be coming round any time soon.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Inappropriate things to say in front of children #1

This evening, myself and a friend went up to Alexandra Palace to watch the big fireworks show.

It was a pleasant evening, full of buying strange glowy things to loop round heads, hotdogs and beefburgers that you need to take a mortgage out for, and lots of people . . . oh, the number of people.

So Jen and I bagged a spot on the steps of the BBC Reception area - a perfect spot, where we could see over the heads of the hundreds of people in front of us, rest our backsides on the wall behind us and put our bags on the handily located windowsill.

Being a popular spot, various children and adults congregated on the steps in front of us, and I like to think were looking at us enviously in our prime firework observing spot.

The fireworks were fantastic, as they always seem to be up there. All done to classical music this year, and we were treated to various choons such as Romeo & Juliet, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean, the Flower Duet from Lakme (the BA theme sung by two women), and finishing off with a couple of bits from Carmen.

As the music crescendo'd into "Toreador" from Carmen (see, I know my choons!), Jen leant over to me and said "It'll be the BIG fuckers now!!!" . . . Quite loudly. In front of little children.